Common things you need to know when date Transgender

As you know, I regard myself a gender that working to make myself a androgynous and pretty boy both in physique and appearance.
Actually, I’m open-minded about gender and I’m always try my best to keep a more more androgynous balance. This is why I like loose clothes, why I wear pants everyday. This is why I want to gain muscle, and why I often exercise.
However I still like long her, makeup and beautiful nail, and I still hope to wear a wedding dress. I like those things just as I like exercise and muscle.
I’ve date with many men, women and trans people, this made me have some opinions on trans dating and dating with every gender.
Dating a transgender seems unacceptable for most people, but for someone who is transgender or dated trans people, this assumptions is meaningless.
I think it’s time to tell you something about trans dating.
1. Not all transgender undergone surgery
Due to lack of money or fear of potential effects, many trans people didn’t get surgery. Research shows there are only 33% of trans people are willing to get surgery.
2. Most tran people look like regular men and women
Some people say, transgenders are more beautiful or handsome than normal people. I want to say it’s not easy to distinguish transgendes, because they look the same as normal people.
3. Pronouns mean a lot for trans people.
Many people don’t know the importance of pronouns. Let me give you an example, I look like a girl, so I often refer to myself as ‘she’ and ‘they”. But I don’t like any gender pronouns, it’s not match my mind.
4. Different stages of transition
Transition can both affects your body and mind, if choose to be with trans people, you need to respect their change. You can know more about your lover in this way.
5. They don’t like questions about transgender
It’s rude to ask any questions about their gender and trans surgery. You should respect their privacy and never ask questions about it.
6. People will often ask”why you are not a real man ir women?’
I’ve been asked these kinds of questions before, “I really don’t understand why you do that”, “How do you live as a normal woman?”
7. You can also learn a lot from others transition.
I really like to date my ex when she is transitioning to woman. I enjoy the moment when helping her make up, and I can also learn a lot from this process.
8. Limited for you to go.
You are not allowed to some places, and it’s even dangerous for you to go some places. Dating a transgender is tough, every transpeople faced a lot of dangers in a relationship.
9. We don’t want to be called “trannies.”
You may don’t know it is rude ti call us “trannies”, every transpeople don’t want to be called “trannies.”
10. dating a trans person is not easy
Never think you will not rejected by a trans person. What I want to say is that, like dating with other people, if you are not respect the trans person you date, you can also be rejected.