Laverne Cox, a famous transgender woman

Laverne Cox is one of the most famous transgender women. With various "first" in her career, she is the most influential transgender women actress who was nominated by Emmy for two times. Her impressive career has inspired many transgender people who want transgender dating. Her performance in "Orange is The New Black" is a great achievement in her career, and it also brought her to the attention of worldwide audiences. After that, she became one of the most well-known transgender women in the world. Her role in "Orange is The New Black" made Laverne become the first transgender female actress who was nominated by Primetime acting Emmy. She is a transgender female actress with great reputation from the whole world.

As an artist and an advocate, Laverne is the first openly transgender woman appears on the cover of famous magazines such as TIME, Cosmopolitan, Essence magazines and others. Her empowering influence on other people who are looking for ts dating is beyond gender and identities. In the year of 2014, she was named woman of the year by Glamour magazine. This is a great honor for all women. As a transgender woman, this is also a great honor for her. She is so proud that she is a transgender woman, and she also holds two SAG Awards with her role in Orange Is The New Black. For her, the impact of the role in Orange Is The New Black is irreplaceable.

Many people may know that Laverne is also one of the advertising endorsers of Beyonce's athleisure line, Ivy Park. Her career goes beyond acting, she collaborated with Orly and created a Limited Edition collection of nail colors called "Celebrate Yourself", and held Smirnoff's "Welcome To The Fun" campaign with Ted Danson. In fact, her career is much more than what we know. As a transgender woman who is accepted and respected by the whole word, she never stop inspiring and helping other people. She spokes for transgender people in many public activities, and she hopes to try her best to help all transgender people get out of the difficult situation in ts date.

The documentary she presented on Emmy winning, The T Word, helped her producing another two powerful documentaries. "Disclosure", describes the life of transgender people on screen, it also reflects the transgender characters in the old and history film and TV. "Free CeCe" tells a story of CeCe McDonald. She is a transgender woman who was brave to fight for transgender rights. After defending against transgender discrimination, she was sentenced to men's prison for 41 months. That is a tragedy. In the background of McDonald's case, Laverne's documentary main describes the life and experiences of the transgender woman in prison, and its influence on transgender people and transgender community.

The story of famous transgender women like Laverne Cox is inspiring enough to affect all transgender people to fight for their equal rights. More importantly, all transgender people should try their best to change their opinions on other people. I hope all transgender people can learn a lot from the story of Laverne Cox.