My love story on Translr

I have never been one for dating apps. I err on the side of caution in everything that I do, and honestly that age old dream of meeting someone in a movie-worthy way while I’m at the grocery store has always been a desire of mine. It’s almost 2024 though, and I was sick of waiting for fate to decide when I would meet someone, so I took my dating destiny into my own hands and that’s when I found Translr
I don’t have a lot of experience with online dating, but Translr was so user-friendly and it felt effortless every time I logged on to use it. Whether online or in person, my safety and comfortability when navigating the world of dating is my number one priority. 

While Translr is completely free to use, the VIP membership was a must for me and man was it worth it! The ability to see verification badges for profiles immediately put my mind at ease. I also loved the open access to viewing messages and building more connections without message limits. I have yet to find my “person” but I have definitely found my community. Don’t let the name fool you either - although Translr was created as a network for dating our Trans it’s the perfect dating platform for anyone and everyone, as well as the perfect place to network yourself and find people that admire you for YOU 

Not sure what will happen in the future, but I need to follow my heart. 
If you wanna be friends with me, find me @cristina_raya1 on Translr. Wish to meet gentlemen.