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Transdr is a newly transgender and transvestite community, where trans individuals and their admirers can meet online to find love, happiness, companionship and more. While Trans dating app is certainly not one of the most well-known dating app where members of the trans community can play and meet each other, transdr does offer users a range of great features and many profiles to check out.
Creating a profile at transdr is simple, with members being able to surf through profiles hosted on the dating app in a matter of minutes. Users can access to a wide range of additional features that help to know other members easier and more exciting. Members of transdr can even chat with someone they like without any restrictions, and they have more chances to meet the right one. With transdr, it is easy to strike up a conversation with another user and because there are so many different tools available, it’s easy to take an online relationship further, too.

Transdr has a range of good features such as:
The trans dating app is 100% safe and secure - it will never put your privacy or safety at risk.
It offers a great communicative environment - the trans dating app is constantly listening to users and improving what it has to offer.
Simple 1-minute registration and get surfing quickly.
Complete technical support and advice.
A fantastic online portal for trans-personals, dating and community features.
Enjoy a simple, friendly and relaxed dating environment.
Share your life with other members on this trans dating app.
Contact other members in real-time.
Search through all of transdr users to find your ideal partner.

Membership prices
Here are 3 subscription options on VIP membership service with the price from $14.99 to $49.99 to choose from.
1 month subscription with auto renewal for $14.99.
3 months subscription with auto renewal for $29.99.
6 months subscription for $49.99.
Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.

Transdr is a 100% safe online dating app and social networking community for transsexual, transvestite, cross dressing and drag community (and their admirers). Wherever you are in your journey with your trans life, Transdr can help you feel good about yourself, fit in, meet others and find love, companionship and anything else you’re looking for. As Transdr is as much an online community as it is a personal dating app, it provides users with a great collection of information, tools, supportive material and links, as well as access to a friendly and welcoming community of trans individuals. If you like the sound of what Transdr has to offer, join us to find out more.
As transdr is tinder of transsexual and transgenders, it has some similar features and tools as tinder. as well as access to the same wide range of member profiles, photos and videos. Transdr is a great, active, welcoming trans dating app, so it's perfect for experienced and newbie online daters alike! You can join transdr and have a try.