Support Your Transgender Dating Partner during His Period

Menstruation is very difficult for most women. They experience bleeding, stomachaches, emotional fluctuation and exhaustion. So this period of time is very painful and torturing for women. But do you know that transgender men experience much more pain and suffering than ordinary women during this period? At this time, both tg personals and transgender men are very vulnerable and need the comfort and care of others. So, as a partner of your trans dating partner, you should soothe his emotions and take good care of him at this time. If you are inexperienced in this area, you can refer to a few suggestions.

  • Enable him to talk about his feelings

In our opinion, menstruation is closely related to women, so when your kinky dating tg personals experiences this feminized menstruation, they will feel very upset because their masculinity has been weakened a lot. Of course, they are also afraid of other people's strange eyes. Perhaps psychological stress is more painful than physical pain.

At this time, your company and comfort become particularly important. If you don't know how to comfort him, he will feel your care and warmth even if you keep silent and accompany him quietly. You can also lead them to express their true feelings. It's also a way to release pressure.

  • Recognize his feelings

Many transgender men are reluctant to share their experiences and feelings about menstruation because tg personals consider it a shame. So in order for them to cross that line of self-protection, you should lead them to speak out their feelings boldly to you. First, you can give them a hug and let them know that you are a reliable person. Then quietly accompany them. When they unload their inner defense, tg personals will actively share their inner feelings with you.

When they share, your response becomes particularly important. First of all, you can't laugh. Otherwise, they will feel that you are not really concerned about them, but curious about their feelings. Second, you can nod your head from time to time to let them know that you recognize and understand their feelings. In this way, they will be willing to share more with you.

  • Let him know period is not feminine

When you see this, you may feel very strange, because menstruation is the sign of a woman. But in order to take care of your transsexual partner's feelings, you have to try to make menstruation more masculine. Only in this way can their self-esteem be protected. Accordingly, the fact that you are trying to take care of his emotions can also make your ts dating partner feel very touched.

You can try several ways. First, you can add the word "male" before menstruation. That way, it doesn't sound so feminine. Second, generally speaking, sanitary napkins are packaged in pink, purple, blue or any other feminized color. I believe that few trans hookup men can accept such packaging. So you can put the sanitary napkin in a man's box. Third, you can also paste a man's picture on the sanitary napkin wrapping paper. In short, you should try to make him feel that menstruation is masculine, not feminine.